Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Index to Stephen Charnock

NewSelections from The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock. Even though I love them, I have hesitated to tackle theses discourses because of their length. Here are some extracts which show their warmth and experiential value. Read these and then buy the 2 volume set.
Discourse On the Power of God (56K)  Word  PDF (47K)
Discourse On the Eternity of God (31K)  Word  PDF
Discourse On the Wisdom of God (48K)  Word  PDF (44K)

The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
A series of three sermons, some of the finest fruits of the Puritan pulpit. Oh to have been among the throng at Crosby Hall to hear them preached! But now you can read them for yourself. Recommended.
The Chief of Sinners Saved (37K)   Word
God's Regard for His Own Glory, Seen in the Saving of Sinners (49K)   Word
The Fruits of Converting Grace in the Salvation of Sinners (76K)   Word (34K)
Download the series as a single PDF file (55 pages 137K)

A Discourse of Pardon of Sin In this commentary on the Hebrew of Psalm 32, Charnock combines scholarship with warm, experiential exposition. He not only answers the question, what is pardon?, but also what is the effect of pardon? What are the false signs of pardon? Why may the pardoned think themselves not pardoned? This is a large sermon, but also a large feast. Enjoy! (97K) Word format (47K)  PDF format (92K)
An Exhortation to those who are Pardoned A short extract from the sermon above.

A Discourse of Delight in Prayer In 1846 William Symington, the editor of Charnock's Attributes, prepared a small volume of works chosen on the basis of their length. Symington hoped that "perusal of these minor pieces will induce the reader to seek the more elaborate productions of his pen." Read this heart-warming sermon and see for yourself just how "minor" it is! (Charnock was co-pastor with Watson at Crosby Hall.) Also in Word  PDF

Why Salvation Must Be Supernatural by Stephen Charnock. A short extract from the sermon above.

The Life and Character of Stephen Charnock by William Symington. A valuable look at who Charnock was and his importance for all time. An abridged version of this often appears with editions of the Existence and Attributes of God—here is the original. (55K) Also in Word  PDF (49K)

Charnock's Writings A short extract from his Life and Character above. What is it that makes books truly valuable? That gives them a life beyond today's fads and fashions? Symington gives some advice to authors who would have their books last longer than the spring snow.

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