Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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New, Favourite and Recommended

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NewChrist a Refuge from the Tempest by Edward D. Griffin. A short, evangelistic sermon. Added 7 March 2005.  PDF

A Practical Commentary on the Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah by Thomas Manton. Warm and experiential sermons which glorify and honour our Lord Jesus. Added 2 February 2005.

Eighteen Sermons on 2 Thessalonians Chapter Two by Thomas Manton. Manton was one of the "majors" of the Puritan world and sermons like these show why. They are on a variety of topics from Christ's Return, the Antichrist, Christian Assurance, and nature of faith. Added 14 April 2004. Semper Idem: or, The Immutable Mercy of Jesus Christ by Thomas Adams. Adams is a little-known English Puritan who lived in London. This is a fine sermon filled with literary allusions, picturesque turns of phrase, and Christ's love. Word format  PDF format  Palm Doc format  MS Reader format

Christ the Life of Believersby Thomas Brooks. "Is the Lord Jesus Christ a believer's life? Why, then, let no believer be disquieted, nor overwhelmed and dejected, for any loss or for any sorrow or suffering that he meets with for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake. Oh, what should a man then do for Jesus Christ, who is his life!" Word format  PDF format  Palm doc format

True Lovers of God Highly Privileged by Ralph Erskine. "As all the attributes of God, so all the works of God that ever he made, work for his people's good: his great end in making the world, was for the glory of his name and the good of his elect." Preached on a day of thanksgiving, it's a sermon of rich comfort and joy. Word format  PDF format  Palm doc format  MS Reader format

NewCommentary on the Song of Songs by James Durham. Some time ago I came across a 1723 edition of Durham's Commentary on the Song of Songs, and I fell in love with it immediately. I resolved to put the entire book on Fire and Ice, and finially it's finished (ta-da!). The chapters may be downloaded in PDF, Word, Palm "Doc," and in MS Reader formats.
Included in the section are John Owen's introduction, Durham's explanation of his allegorical method, and much more. I have also thrown in some images of pages from the 1723 book.
Feed Thy Kids
Rise Up My Love, My Fair One

The Spiritual Jubilee by Richard Sibbes. A sweet sermon on our spiritual victory in Christ. (84K) Word format  PDF format (71K)  Palm doc format (19K)

The Tamed Lion a poem by John Newton, is based on a the time a lion visited Olney. Newton mentioned this visit in one of his Fourteen Letters to Rev. Mr. B which are newly added to Fire and Ice.

Many New Poems Added to Poetry Page Poems by Edward Taylor, George Herbert, Isaac Watts, and others! If you like poetry, here are several worth a look!

The Best Match; Or, the Incomparable Marriage Between the Creator and the Creature by Ralph Erskine (51K). "This doctrine lets us see that believers are no such lowly and wretched persons as the world generally takes them to be; they are Christ's bride, and he is their husband: and, O what an honour is it to be married to the Son of God! Having him for an husband, they come to be related to all Christ's relations; God is their Father, because he is his Father; angels are their servants, because they are his servants; saints are their fellow-brethren, because they are his members; heaven is their inheritance, because it is the kingdom of their husband. In a word, whatever is his, is theirs; 'And all things are yours, for ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's,' 2 Cor. 3:22,23." This is a good one. Word format (23K)  PDF format (52K)  Palm Doc format

John Owen On the Spirit in the Life of Christ by Sinclair Ferguson. An article from the Banner of Truth about one of Owen's gems. A useful taste from a great feast. Word format  PDF format

Historical and Literary Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland by Thomas Witherow. Here are some chapters from his book by the same title. Witherow gives biographical sketches of Presbyterian ministers and some extracts from their writings. The story of Presbyterianism in Ireland is a story of suffering, persecution, and fidelity to God. I found it fascinating reading, and I hope you will, too.

N.B.We now have Palm Pilot Sermons. Download packs of six sermons each, which you can read on your PalmPilot. Take them with you on the airplane, to the beach, beam them to your friends! Also, the Westminster Standards (Confession, Larger and Shorter Catechisms) formatted for the Palm Pilot. (Four new packs added November, 1999.)

Thomas Hooker and the Doctrine of Conversion by Iain Murray. Originally published as a series of articles in the Banner of Truth in 1979 and 1980, here is the straight story on Puritan evangelism. Called "Preparationism" by its critics or "Seeking Evangelism" by its friends, it is the opposite of the "seeker friendly" fad of today. Murray writes with authority on this controversial topic as he marshalls his army of quotations and footnotes on both sides. Spurgeon is often enlisted as a foe of Hooker; so is Wesley; here they are in another light. Even if you finally disagree with Hooker, you won't correctly understand what he said until you read this. Highly recommended. PDF format, 61 pages, 260K.
Thomas Hooker: Beholding the Majesty of God The first part of the series above, which includes a biographical sketch of Hooker and some historical background for understanding his significance. Rev. Murray doesn't discuss the controversy in this section, but it is quite interesting on its own. (footnotes omitted)

Three Sermons by Hugh Binning Binning was a young Scottish minister during the war with Cromwell. His sermons were marked with his warm piety, great learning, and nationalism. See also a short biographical sketch. These "sermons" below are more like extended shorthand extacts than complete sermons, but they are both "stimulation for the mind and food for the soul." (E. Alexander)
Of the Decrees of God "The love between the Father and the Son is holden out as the first pattern of all loves and delights, John 17:23,24. This then flows from the infinite excess of perfection and exundation of self-being, that his majesty is pleased to come without himself, to manifest his own glory in the works of his hands, to decree and appoint other things beside himself, and to execute that decree." "There is nothing wherein I know Christians more deficient than in this point of submission, which I take to be one of the chiefest and sweetest, though hardest duties of a Christian." Word  PDF
Of Predestination (I) "That which the learned call Arminianism is nothing else but the carnal reason of men's hearts, which is enmity to God. It is that very disputation which Paul in this chapter exclaims against, 'Who art thou, O man, that disputest?'" Word  PDF
Of Predestination (II) "Let the consideration of the absolute right and dominion of God over us, more than any creature hath over another, yea, or over themselves, – let that restrain us, and keep us within bounds. He may do with us what he pleaseth, for his own honour and praise; but it is his will that we should leave all the blame to ourselves, and rather behold the evident cause of our destruction in our sin, which is nearer us, than to search into a secret and incomprehensible cause in God's counsel." Word  PDF

Quotations from Thomas Brooks Twenty short quotations.

Advice on Reading by Richard Baxter. A very short extract. Warning: may cause conviction. Good thing he didn't know about boxes with buttons and keyboards!

The Situation In Northern Ireland by Edward Donnelly. Originally an address at a ministers' conference in 1988, this article may be somewhat dated politically, but is an accurate and helpful guide for those unfamiliar with Northern Ireland. Rev Donnelly explains some of the historical and spiritual dimensions of the Troubles.

Richard Sibbes and The Bruised Reed by J. William Black. An article from the Banner of Truth about this important Puritan and his experiential, pastoral care of souls. He explains how Christ bruises and then binds up the hurts of his people. A good introduction to Sibbes. Word format  PDF format

The Death of John Bunyan by George Offor. A short extract from his Memoirs, reprinted by permission from the Banner of Truth Magazine.

Praying for Your Children by William Scribner. A practical, useful summary by Phil Roberts of a larger article. You may also download this as a tri-fold brochure ready to be reproduced. Just print out the PDF file, photocopy it, and fold twice. U.S. Letter size  A4 size. This is one you'll want to give to your friends.

The Throne of Grace (93K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (95K)

God In Christ, A God Of Love (63K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (65K)

The King Held In The Galleries (57K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (60K)

Unbelief Arraigned And Condemned At The Bar Of God (83K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (83K)

The Necessity And Profitableness Of Good Works Asserted (80K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (82K)

Christ In The Believer's Arms (97K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word (40K)  PDF format (98K)

The Groans Of Believers Under Their Burdens (58K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (59K)

The Backslider Characterized (52K) by Ebenezer Erskine Word  PDF format (56K)

Three Sermons on Christ's Return by Thomas Manton, contributed by Jeremy Kerr.
The Coming of Christ Desired by His People
Be Not Soon Shaken in Mind "The time is coming when the wicked shall persecute no more, when the mouth of iniquity shall be stopped, when the desire and hope of all believers shall be satisfied, when the Redeemer's work shall be consummated, when the kingdom shall be delivered up to the Father, when those that made a jest of this day shall be fully confuted. Faith sees the certainty of it, and love makes us hold out till the time come about."
The Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition A short, clear exposition of the traditional Puritan view of this topic.
Download all three sermons as a single file: Word (45K)  PDF format (115K)

Six Sermons on Galatians 2:21 by Robert Traill, contributed by Jeremy Kerr.
Grace and Justification "The true way to get sound light in the main point of the justification of a sinner before God, is to study it in thy own personal concern; if it be bandied about by men as a notion only, as a point of truth, discoursing wantonly about it, it is all one in God's sight whether men be sound or unsound about it; they are unsound in heart how sound soever they are in head about it." A complete sermon on Gal. 2:21. Contributed by Jeremy Kerr.
Do Not Frustrate the Grace of God
Do Not Seek Righteousness by the Law
Examine Yourselves in the Light of God's Grace
Christ Did Not Die in Vain
Christ's Righteousness the Believer's Comfort "if a man hath any faith at all, it must be built on Christ's death; that you will make no question of: that faith which is not built on a dying Christ, is but a perilous dream: God awaken all from it that are in it!"
Download all six sermons as a single file: Word (64K)  PDF format (184K)

Quotations from The Christian in Complete Armour by William Gurnall, collected by Mark Reynolds. About 40 quotes.

The Riches of God's Love to his Elect by Thomas Goodwin. "[Consider] the subject of this love, who it is that loved us. It is God, whose love therefore is as great as himself; and if God will be in love, how deep, how great will that love be! What a love will they possess with whom God professeth himself to be in love! Love, it is of all attributes the most commanding; it commandeth all in a man, and it commandeth all in God." (47K) Word  PDF format (57K)

Cases and Directions About Confessing Sins and Injuries to Others by Richard Baxter. A short extract with the practical wisdom you would expect from the author. Contributed by Steve Doan.

Directions Against Covetousness by Richard Baxter (63K) "Oh what deserving servants hath the world, that will serve it so diligently, so constantly, and at so costly a rate, when they beforehand know, that besides a little transitory, deluding pleasure, it will pay them with nothing but everlasting shame!" Contributed by Steve Doan. Word  PDF (23 pages, 69K) (See also William Gouge on the same subject.)

The Humble Soul the Particular Favourite of Heaven by Ebenezer Erskine. A complete sermon on Psalm 138:6, "Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly."   "I think, that a man never passes the verge of moral humility, till self-righteousness be dethroned, till the high and towering imaginations of the man's own righteousness by the law be levelled by the mighty weapons of the gospel, and he brought to submit to the righteousness of God for justification, which is, in the gospel revealed 'from faith to faith.'" (44K)   Word   PDF (19 pages, 54K)
God's Little Remnant Keeping their Garments Clean in an Evil Day by Ebenezer Erskine. A complete sermon on Revelation 3:4, "They shall walk with me in white; for they are worthy." An excellent sermon for those who would walk with Jesus in white. (76K)   Word (35K)   PDF (26 pages, 75K)

Cases and Directions Against Censoriousness and Unwarrantable Judging by Richard Baxter (37K) "Study to keep up Christian love, and to keep it lively. For love is not censorious, but is inclined to judge the best, till evidence constrain you to the contrary. Censoriousness is a vermin which crawleth in the carcass of Christian love, when the life of it is gone." Contributed by Steve Doan. Word  PDF (13 pages, 37K)

Selections from The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock. Even though I love them, I have hesitated to tackle theses discourses because of their length. Here are some extracts which show their warmth and experiential value. Read these and then buy the 2 volume set.
Discourse On the Power of God (56K)  Word &n bsp;PDF (47K)
Discourse On the Eternity of God (31K)  Word  PDF
Discourse On the Wisdom of God (48K)  Word  PDF (44K)

Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit by Rev. Joel Beeke, who recently published a book on Assurance from various Reformed perspectives. This is an excellent, readable article from The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth. For Sibbes, "entertaining" meant to nurture the friendship and hospitality of an indwelling Spirit. "There is no one in the world so great and sweet a friend who will do us so much good as the Spirit, if we give him entertainment." (Sibbes) Word  PDF

Five Sermons by John Calvin from his Sermons on Timothy and Titus. Find out why this book was one of the best sellers of the 16th century. These are PDF Image files from the 1579 edition.
    I Have Obtained Mercy From God's Hands (PDF Image File 428K)
    If Any Man Desires the Office of a Bishop (PDF Image File 492K)
    Take Heed to Thy Self and to Learning (PDF Image File 404K)
    Be An Example Unto Them That Believe (PDF Image File 456K)
    Despise Not The Gift That Is In Thee (PDF Image File 421K)

A Song of Praise to God for his Merciful Judgments, Saving Benefits, and Victorious Salvation A Gospel Sonnet on Isa. 25:1-12 by Ralph Erskine.
    "Thou, O Jehovah, art my God,
     Thee as mine own I claim;
     I'll therefore celebrate abroad
     And praise thy glorious name."

The Happiness of Believers at Their Death by Samuel Willard (PDF Image File) 242K This is an extraordinary sermon.
"Use. How happy then must the Soul needs be, in the possession of this benefit? When it is thus prepared to be filled with all the glories of heaven, all of which are full of holiness, and can make us happy no farther than we are holy? Then also shall we be enabled to glorify God forever, to the utmost capacity of our nature, most extensively and unweariedly. Where the loud sound of hallelujahs, eternally, shall not tire our spirits, or make us weary. Let this then sweeten the thoughts of death to believers. If a little holiness in exercise be now so sweet to you, how precious will the completeness of it be? Let then, the assured expectation of this, make you reckon the day of your death, far better than that when you were born. And let such thoughts as these, I am hasting to the time and state wherein I shall sin no more, never be troubled with one temptation more, when I shall be complete in Christ, and filled with His fullness, and enabled to love, admire, praise and delight in Him forever, without interruption or weariness, make you cheerfully look out for the approach of that change which will introduce you into this so longed for felicity."
Visit the Samuel Willard Index for nine new sermons from his Compleat Body.

Four Sermons by Spurgeon
What's the fun of having a web page, if you don't upload your favourite things? Here are four of Spurgeon's sermons that I come back to, again and again. "Brethren, let the man receive these truths; let them be written in his heart by the Holy Spirit, and they will make him look up."

For Whom Did Christ Die?     PDF format (39K)
Salvation All of Grace     PDF format (38K)
The Warrant of Faith     PDF format (50K)
Salvation Altogether by Faith    PDF format (38K)

The Letters of Samuel Rutherford
Five letters of Rutherford, now with footnotes and Scripture references. (Requires a browser capable of handling frames.)
Download Rutherford's letters as a Windows HelpFile. Includes footnotes, references and additional information. (68K, requires Windows 3.1 or higher.)

How To Know If You Are A Real Christian A sermon by Jonathan Edwards. 38K Word  PDF format (43K)

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" Faith takes hold on the beginning, hope on the end. O, the heavy wrath of God upon a world of poor, blind, ignorant men, that have no hope, no hope of Christ, no hope of glory, unless a flattering dead hope."

"Neither are they to expect that all things should work to this good of absolute exemption from the inbeing of sin, while they are here. God sees it good and fit that they live by faith, in the daily improvement of Christ, for purging away their sin."

"But, alas! We are poor creatures. prone to wander, prone to admire our gourds, cleave to our cisterns, and think of building tabernacles, and taking our rest in this polluted world. Hence the Lord often sees it necessary, in mercy to his children, to embitter their sweets, to break their cisterns, send a worm to their gourds, and draw a dark cloud over their pleasing prospects."

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