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Presbyterianism in Ireland

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The history of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland is a story of persecution, suffering, and faithful witness to Jesus Christ. Fire and Ice is pleased to present selected chapters from Thomas Witherow's book, Historical and Literary Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland.

Witherow organised his book in the following way: each chapter focuses on a single Presbyterian minister. He begins with a short list of his subject's literary works, then gives a biographical sketch of each person in his historical context. He then follows with a few extracts from their writings, usually of quite an interesting nature. Sometimes the extracts are theological, sometimes historical, sometimes just sort of peculiar.

I found the book fascinating and I hope you will as well. I hope D.V. to include extracts from other books to fill out the Irish history, and the connections between the Irish Presbyterian Church and their sister Churches in North America.

These extracts are taken from: Historical and Literary Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland 1623-1731, by Thomas Witherow, Professor of Church History in Magee College, Londonderry, published by William Mullan and Son, London and Belfast, 1879.


  Presbyterian Memorials Introduction by Witherow     PDF format


  Robert Blair (1623-1634) (Years of his ministry in Ireland)     PDF format
State Of Ulster In 1623
Harvest At Bangor
Monthly Meeting At Antrim.
Bodily Affections At Larne.
The Ill-Starred Voyage.


  John Livingstone (1630-1635)    PDF format
Kneeling At The Communion.
Courtship In The Old Times.
Parting Advice To His Congregation.
Message Sent Them From Rotterdam.
Death-Bed Remarks.
His Attainments.


  Daniel Williams (1667-1687)    PDF format
Meditations Of A Christian.
His Calvinism.
Difference Between Socinians And Presbyterians.



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