Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Index to Samuel Rutherford

The Letters
      A selection of letters in modern language and with footnotes.
 37 A Letter of Comfort To Lady KenmureWord
 87 Christ Wholly to be Loved To Elizabeth KennedyWord
 88 Christ to be Kept at Every Sacrifice To Janet KennedyWord
 99 Christ's Ways Misunderstood To William GordonWord
 100 Conscientious Acting in the World To Lady CardonessWord
 103 Heavenly Mindedness To Lady CardonessWord
 104 Christ's Prisoner To Lady KenmureWord
 131 His Wisdom in Our Trials To Jean BrownWord
 229 The Law To Hugh McKailWord
 230 Believers Safe though Tried To Lady KenmureWord
 233 Difficulties in Providence To Fulk EllisWord
 234 The Use of Desertions - The Reprobate To James LindsayWord
 247 The Heavenly Mansions-- The Earth a Shadow To Janet KennedyWord

Download Rutherford's Letters as a Windows HelpFile. Five letters with footnotes, references and additional information. (68K, requires Windows 3.1 or higher.)

A Cross-Reference to the Letters of S.R. A listing of the Letters on Fire and Ice, cross-referenced to the print editions and to the CCEL text file (see Additional Resources, below.) Includes additional information about the other editions.

The Weeping Mary at the Sepulcre by Samuel Rutherford. A complete sermon, part of a manuscript found in the 1880's. Andrew Bonar, upon examining it, found the sermons to be genuine and this one the best of the series. Word
New The Deliverance of the Kirk of God by Samuel Rutherford. A complete sermon which includes remarks on private religious meetings. Word

Be Thankful for the Grace Within You, a short extract from the sermon above on the true value of Arminianism.
Christian Directions Eight short directions from a great heart.

The Language of Samuel Rutherford by Bill Carson. Includes a specimen of an original letter (well, sort of.)

Samuel Rutherford and Some of his Correspondents by Alexander Whyte.
In 1894 Whyte gave a series of lectures which were later collected into a fascinating book. I've read this book over and over, and each time I get more out of it. If the "Rutherford" bug bites you when you read his letters, this book will help you understand them better. Or, if you read this book, you will get bitten.
Download the entire book Samuel Rutherford and some of his Correspondents as a single PDF file, 139 pages, 336K.
 Joshua RedivivusWord
 Samuel Rutherford and Some of His ExtremesWord
 Marion M'Naught Word
 Lady KenmureWord
 Lady CardonessWord
 Lady Culross Word
 Lady Boyd Word
 Lady Robertland Word
 Jean Brown Word
 John Gordon Word
 Alexander Gordon Word
 Earlston the Younger Word
 Robert Gordon Word
 John Gordon of Rusco Word
 James Guthrie Word
 William Guthrie Word
 George Gillespie Word
 John Fergushill Word
 James Bautie, Student Word
 John Meine, Student Word
 Alexander Brodie Word
 John Fleming Word
 Parishoners of Kilmacolm Word

Biography of Samuel Rutherford
A Brief Life and Times of Samuel Rutherford by Bill Carson. Short but informative.
Samuel Rutherford by John Howie. A biographical essay from his "Scots Worthies."

Word Format  PDF

Poems Inspired by Samuel Rutherford
Last Words by Mrs. A. R. Cousin. Based on several of the Letters and S.R.'s last words. It was set to music, and is in the Trinity Hymnal under the title "The Sands Of Time Are Sinking." Here are all the stanzas.
Through Brier and Bush by Faith Cook. A lovely poem based on Letter 131, from her book "Grace in Winter."

Additional Rutherford Resources on the Web
"The Letters of Samuel Rutherford" at . This is a 240K text file by Hugh Martin, containing about 70 letters. This file is useful, however most of the letters are abridged and the file is marred by many spelling errors. It also contains a helpful glossary and some biographical notes.
The Presbyterian Reformed Church Many sermons by the Covenanters, including extensive portions of Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himself by S.R. (Recommended)

 Order Books by and about Rutherford
Letters of Samuel Rutherford This is the Puritan Paperback edition by the Banner of Truth. You will never spend so little for so much in your life again. ($4.99)
Scots Worthies by John Howie. A valuable book, formerly too long out of print. This book is useful for those interested in the history of the Covenanters, but I have "newbie" friends who found it fascinating. ($30.59)

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