Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Index to Ralph and Ebenezer Erskine

Ralph Erskine


The Best Match; Or, the Incomparable Marriage Between the Creator and the Creature (51K). "This doctrine lets us see that believers are no such lowly and wretched persons as the world generally takes them to be; they are Christ's bride, and he is their husband: and, O what an honour is it to be married to the Son of God! Having him for an husband, they come to be related to all Christ's relations; God is their Father, because he is his Father; angels are their servants, because they are his servants; saints are their fellow-brethren, because they are his members; heaven is their inheritance, because it is the kingdom of their husband. In a word, whatever is his, is theirs; 'And all things are yours, for ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's,' 2 Cor. 3:22,23." Word format (23K)  PDF format (52K)  Palm Doc format

Christ's Treasures Opened by Himself (115K). A Communion service from Dunfermline, including the sermon, fencing the Tables, discourses before and after the Tables, and the concluding discourse. Here is a feast for the Christian! Also included is an interesting side-note on the office of elder. Word format (43K)  PDF format (88K)

Heaven's Grand Repository A complete sermon about Christ, glorifying Christ, exalting Christ. Here are grand riches indeed. It's a long sermon, (102K, 33 pages) but well worth reading. This is a good one. Word (40K)  PDF format (74K)

God's Great Name, the Ground and Reason of Saving Great Sinners Deep theology, deep spirituality, a wealth of Biblical learning, combined with clear, earnest expression. (81K) Word   PDF format (65K)

The Beauties of Erskine (Sermon Extracts)
What Sinners Should Plead with God
Objections Against Receiving Christ Answered (31K)
The Difference Between Legal and Gospel Mortification
The Spiritual Feelings of Believers and Hypocrites Compared
Unbelievers' Joy in the Word?
The Right Rule of Our Love to Christ
Improve God's Name a short extract from "God's Great Name.".
Hear Christ's Testimony about Himself
Christ Suitable for All Christians' Needs
Purgatory Needful for Christians


Scripture Songs, poems that paraphrase Scripture texts.
The Free Gospel-Call Isa. 55:1-3
NewA Song of Praise Isa. 25:1-12

Gospel Sonnets, poems on gospel themes.
Christ the Believer's Adorning Garment
Christ the Believer's Sweet Nourishment
The Believer's Faith and Hope Encouraged
Benefits Accruing to Believers from Christ
Comfort to Believers in Christ's Relations
Thy Husband is thy Maker
Earth Despicable, Heaven Desirable
Smoking Spiritualized

Some Sidelights on Ralph Erskine
Ralph Erskine's Marvellous Ministry by Dr. G. Ella. Word

Ebenezer Erskine

The Wind of the Holy Ghost Blowing upon the Dry Bones in the Valley of Vision Ebenezer is not so rhapsodic as his brother, but here is great preaching. Contributed by an anonymous friend. (You know who you are, thanks again!) (75K)
"What is the reason why many professors of religion have lost their wonted vigour in the way of the Lord, and are in such a languishing condition as to their soul-matters? The plain reason of it is this, they are glutting themselves with the pleasures of sense." Word (32K)   PDF (26 pages, 63K)

The Believer Exalted in Imputed Righteousness "Is it so, that in a Surety's righteousness believers are exalted? then see hence, that whatever account the world may make of them; as the dross and off-scouring of the earth; yet they are dignified persons in God's reckoning: 'Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable.'" (44K)   Word   PDF (14 pages, 39K)

New The Humble Soul the Particular Favourite of Heaven A complete sermon on Psalm 138:6, "Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly."   "I think, that a man never passes the verge of moral humility, till self-righteousness be dethroned, till the high and towering imaginations of the man's own righteousness by the law be levelled by the mighty weapons of the gospel, and he brought to submit to the righteousness of God for justification, which is, in the gospel revealed 'from faith to faith.'" (44K)   Word   PDF (19 pages, 54K)
God's Little Remnant Keeping their Garments Clean in an Evil Day A complete sermon on Revelation 3:4, "They shall walk with me in white; for they are worthy." An excellent sermon for those who would walk with Jesus in white. (76K)   Word (35K)   PDF (26 pages, 75K)

The Throne of Grace (93K)   Word  PDF format (95K)

God In Christ, A God Of Love (63K)   Word  PDF format (65K)

The King Held In The Galleries (57K)   Word  PDF format (60K)

Unbelief Arraigned And Condemned At The Bar Of God (83K)   Word  PDF format (83K)

The Necessity And Profitableness Of Good Works Asserted (80K)   Word  PDF format (82K)

Christ In The Believer's Arms (97K)   Word (40K)  PDF format (98K)

The Groans Of Believers Under Their Burdens (58K)   Word  PDF format (59K)

The Backslider Characterized (52K)   Word  PDF format (56K)

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